Product Description

FATE August 1950 

Ghost Ship for Eternity: The Flying Dutchman by Ray Palmer
The Strange Case of Eleonore Zugun
The Man They Couldn’t Kill
How to Go to a Medium
Robert Pape’s Magic Ray of Life
What Number Do You Vibrate To?
Dead Men Cry Gold
Mr. Fendrick’s Death Clock
The Somnambulist Murders
The Magic Telephone Number
Professor Wein’s Astral Burglar

Plus: Editorial, Fingers of Fate, Report from the Readers, and True Mystic Experiences 

Presently, this vintage issue is available only as a high-quality, full color photocopy of the original edition. We’’re happy to let our fans know that we a’re in the process of digitizing every issue of FATE, starting with the oldest issues.