2013- July/August



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FATE July/August 2013

Göbekli Tepe: Rethinking the Antiquity of Civilation by Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.
A Monstrous Lake in Vermont: Haunted by a Creature Yet to be Cataloged?
Terror Comes to Chazy
Giants and Little People: From Enormous Cannibals to Minute Humanoids
Physical Phenomena at Camp Chesterfield: Precipitated Paintings, Talking Trumpets, and Spirit Materializations
Awakening: Learning to Let Go on Annapurna
Earthquake Predictions
Changing Faces: A Morphing Face and an Afternoon of Terror
Monster on the Beach by Ivan T. Sanderson  | Classic FATE  •  June 1962
The King’s Musician and the Haunted Spinet | Classic FATE  •  July 1962

Plus: I See By the Papers, My View of the Unknown, The Amazing Godwin From Spirit, Book Reviews, Report from the Readers, My Proof of Survival, and True Mystic Experiences