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2013- September/October


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FATE September/October 2013


I Was Attacked by a Reptilian by Anonymous

Communication with Extraterrestrials by Jacquelin Smith

Ghosts of Stricker Ranch by Andy Weeks

The Mystifying Mr. Jacob by Barbara Arnstein

Ivan Sanderson’s Wild Man by Christopher Newport

John Keel and Me by John G. Barlow

Searching for Ohio’s Bigfoot by Rob Ryder

Experience Tratak Meditation by Adam Manuel

Phoenix Lights by Shey Loraine

Sex With a Ghost by Rosemary Guiley

Cremation by Theresa Turner

NYC College Professor Links Bigfoot to Ghosts by Joseph Flammer

UFOs, The Universe, and Mr. John Cage by James Moseley  | Classic FATE  •  September 1962

The Guest Was a Ghost by William W. Ayre | Classic FATE  •  October 1962

UFOs and Forgotten Civilization by Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.

Plus: I See By the Papers, My View of the Unknown, The Amazing Godwin From Spirit, Book Reviews, Report from the Readers, My Proof of Survival, and True Mystic Experiences