Issue 725

FATE Issue 725


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FATE Issue 725

Articles Include:

Dolphins Speak to Us  by Jacquelin Smith, Cyndi Lepori, Madeleine Walker

Final Requiem: The Halls-Mills Murders  by Katharine Clark

The Holy Men of Straw  by Paul Hogan

Chupacabras—A Cover-up Conspiracy?  by Cora Smilkovich

Alien Abduction and the Salem Witch Trials  by Barbara E. Lewter

The Final Chapter  by Echo Bodine

Four Bizarre Legends of the Outer Banks: North Carolina’s Strange History  by Devlin Blake

We are Being Invaded: An Encounter in Alaska  by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, Ph.D.

Your Best Tool for Paranormal Investigation  by Rosemary Guiley

What Happened at Skelton Lake?  by Chuck Lyons

UFOs and Ghosts by Diane Tessman

Wovoka and the Ghost Dance by Jessica Freeburg

The Last Dance: The Ghost Dance Returns  by Janet Red Feather

Mark Twain’s Mental Telegraphy  by Mark Twain— Reprinted from the December 1962 Fate


Plus: I See By the Papers, My View of the Unknown, The Amazing Godwin From Spirit, Book Reviews, Report from the Readers, My Proof of Survival, and True Mystic Experiences