FATE 726

FATE Issue 726


Product Description

FATE Issue 726

Articles Include:

Sasquatch by Kewaunee Lapseritis

Vanga by Ivan Zemanek

The Haunted Hansen House by Diana Palm

The Rise of the Planet of the Bigfoot by Brad Steiger

Fate Missing Persons Bureau by Carl Lewellyn Weshcke

Researching a Deadly Haunting by Todd Hendrickson

Mystery Booms of Virginia by Justin Novak

Haunted Buxton Inn by Connie Vigil Platt

Time-Slowing Tabbies by Barbara Arnstein

Do Animals Have ESP? by D. Scott Rogo

The Fugo Balloons by John Keel

The Highgate Vampire by Joseph M. Hordyski

Mae West’s Psychic Experiences by Danton Walker- Reprinted from the February 1963 FATE


Plus: I See By the Papers, My View of the Unknown, The Amazing Godwin From Spirit, Book Reviews, Report from the Readers, My Proof of Survival, and True Mystic Experiences