The Best of John Keel E-Book


Product Description

The Best of John Keel
by FATE Magazine

A collection of the wit and wisdom of Fortean scholar and Mothman maven John Keel taken from his days as a columnist for FATE. Keel tackles the mysteries of the universe in such chapters as “Is There a Ghost in Your Computer?” “Phantom Circuses,” “Dumb Animals and Smart Planets,” “Kooky Spooks,” “The Thunderbird Rises From the Ashes,” and “Who Is on the Moon?”

About John Keel
John Keel was known worldwide as one of the foremost researchers of strange and unknown phenomena. He was the author of many books, including Our Haunted Planet and The Mothman Prophecies, and was a longtime columnist for FATE. Keel was a world traveler, having lived in France, Egypt, India, Iraq, and wherever else his Fortean adventures  took him.